Tuesday, February 6, 2007

What the PV Industry Can Learn from Google

So why is Google relevant here? Google is a prime illustration of what Topline Strategy considers a "Short Fuse" technology, that is a technology that has a shorter early adopter period and achieves widespread mainstream adoption far faster than traditionally thought possible. When mainstream buyers consider the cost-benefit of a new technology, they consider far more than just its price -- they see hidden costs and potential risks and build them into their purchase decision. Short Fuse technology solutions are ones whose developers anticipate these costs and risks and design them out right from the start. By doing so, they attract mainstream buyers far sooner than solutions created and deployed under the Long Fuse paradigm of slowly building credibility with the earliest adopters before bridging product and marketing efforts to the mainstream. Google's AdSense solution did exactly that for online advertising and rapidly brought millions of new customers into the market -- customers for whom the favorable economics of Internet advertising alone was not enough.

The full report on the Solar Industry is available in a .pdf, as is the report with some nice thinking/rationale as to why PV is better than wind generation on Massachusetts.

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