Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Free Electricity with New Technology

The International Tesla Electric Company (ITEC) and Better World Technologies is developing a technology that they believe will produce clean, non-polluting, electricity at no operating cost using a permanent magnet motor to drive the world’s most efficient generator. ITEC hopes to set up an alternative to the existing power plants in America by placing 16,000,000 units on residences in America. Their plan is for families to have a 30 kwh free electric generator to not only provide their energy consumption but also to facilitate cash flow to ITEC by selling the excess power produced to the electric companies back over the grid. They are willing to give people an allotment of 26,000 kwh of electricity annually at absolutely no charge for the power, possibly for life, just for attending public demonstrations of the technology. [The average ALL electric home (for heat, lights, appliances, water, and everything) uses 2 kwh average every hour.]To participate become a club member of Better and Better Technologies at the link above. The site is cluttered but has amazing stuff!

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