Sunday, March 4, 2007

Free Electricity?

Better World Technologies (BWT) believes they have the ability to produce an electric generator that will produce more electricity than it will consume, thus Free Electricity. BWT conducted a nationwide tour in 1999 to demonstrate one half of this technology the Hummingbird Motor (the driver) proven to be 100% efficient. In 2001 BWT conducted another nationwide tour to demonstrate the second half of this technology, the Sundance Generator, proven to produce five units of mechanical energy for each unit consumed (1 in 5 out). Both tours were heavily advertised and invited anyone to bring their own test equipment to disprove the above technologies. Many experts came and NOT ONE disproved either technology (all demonstrations were video taped).

Better World Technologies further believes they can combine the Hummingbird Motor with the Sundance Generator to produce "Free Electricity". BWT does not claim to have a Free Electricity generator and have not, to date, combined the Hummingbird to the Sundance. Due to the suppression of technology by Corporate America, BWT will not come forward until a critical mass of public awareness is achieved. Once 1.6 million people of North America has been registered for this program and agreed to be a witness at our demonstrations, BWT will produce 100 units to be demonstrated nationwide. These demonstrations will be held at the same time across America in sports stadiums and large public meeting places.

In appreciation to these first 1.6 million witnesses, the International Tesla Electric Company (BWT's utility company) will provide up to 26,000 kWh of free electricity per year for as long as ITEC is able to sell the excess electricity on the open market. This is our way of rewarding these witnesses for their faith in God, His technology and us. After the technology has been publicly demonstrated and proven to the world the remaining 14.4 million units planned for distribution to North America will be made available to the public at a projected cost of $2,000.00 per registrant.
The unit is not now for sale and will never be made available for sale but will remain the property of BWT and ITEC. Those fortunate enough to be registered with ITEC will receive the 26,000 kWh per year absolutely free for as long as ITEC is able to sell the excess electricity on the open market.
There are four options to register now as a witness, this offer will be withdrawn without prior notice once BWT announces it has achieved the initial 1.6 million witness goal and the initial demonstrations will be scheduled. All registrants will be notified by mail of the time and date of the demonstration closest to their location. We thank you for your patience, your faith and your support, there is a periodic update you may subscribe to here authored by this UCSA dealer. There is also a periodic updated phone recording by Dennis Lee you may listen to at 212-461-8738.
Either ITEC will be successful in recruiting the 1.6 million witnesses by May 1, 2007 and proceed with Plan A and the public demonstrations on July 10th of 2007, or initiate Plan B beginning May 31, 2007.

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