Friday, January 19, 2007

I am passionate and serious about preserving the environment and want to contribute to a cleaner, green energy independence. I think that we must help our world’s environment as we are depleting fossil fuel supplies and polluting the air and waters. The U.S. DOE projected the U.S. demand and additional global energy pressures have forecasted 347 gigawatts of new capacity is needed and will likely come from coal-fired and natural gas-fired plants. In addition our country continues to be blackmailed by continued dependence on foreign sources. Nuclear electric generation has a 10-20 year lead-in time to build a single new power plant here, but many other countries have embarked on large-scaled building programs even despite it's own environmental problems (emissions, storage, etc.)

I came upon the REnU Program ( which stands for Residential Energy Unit ) and found one of the most forward-thinking initiative toward energy independence and preservation of the environment today. I am especially impressed by the principles they espouse, even in their own words. What of a mission statement!
More tomorrow.

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