Sunday, January 21, 2007

Links for FPL for ALternative Energy

FPL has many programs, but how to find them?
Some residential customers who want alternatives to traditional electricity sources as a lifestyle choice are purchasing photovoltaic systems of their own from independent suppliers for home use. These systems are presently expensive to install and the payback is decades long.*.[my bold] However, many of these systems also are capable of connecting to FPL’s power grid and can return excess generation to the company.
For residential users FPL offers a Central A/C Buying Guide, Duct System Test and Repair program,an Insulation Guide, a BuildSmart program and the On CAll program which yours truely has been an ongoing user.
And today * the REnU Program has overcome the cost factor for the residential consumer. A new day has dawned! And I have already signed on to have my system installed as fast as possible.

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