Sunday, January 28, 2007


Here is more information about REnU's general program [(620) 294-1402] and a recorded Question & Answer session with the Company's CEO. They have dealt with and solved most of the problems using solar at a residential level. It is becoming into a grass-root phenomenon! If this catches on it can really help with the energy crisis and the environmental crisis with global warming greenhouse gases.
Aware of the energy landscape’s imminent change, and its remarkable opportunity, Citizenrē is positioning itself to be the world’s leader in the development of renewable energy infrastructure. Through project development and strategic alliances, Citizenrē is on its way to becoming a Top-5 global photovoltaic (“PV”) manufacturer, the largest global photovoltaic system installer, and the No.1 owner/operator of PV generating assets.

...The Citizenrē Corporation’s purpose is to modernize the global energy infrastructure and to increase global energy supplies. In fulfilling such a purpose, Citizenrē expects to use its technologies and know-how to capitalize on the projected 59% increase in world energy demand over the next 25 years – and, of course, the correlative $17 trillion in needed investment. In return, Citizenrē believes that its efforts to modernize the energy infrastructure and increase energy supplies will lead to sustained growth and socioeconomic stability.

What a vision!It has already been reported on TV. See what Ed Bagley,Jr. the actor and environmental activistist has to say!

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